“Hello World and Then Some” with Azure Active Directory B2C Custom Policies – Part 4: Hello! (But Only If You Have an Access Code)

This post continues a series that provides a walkthrough illustrating how to work with Azure Active Directory B2C custom policies by building one from the ground up. As the series progresses, the topics will serve to show how the different parts of the AAD B2C policy syntax and the underlying framework can be brought together…

Create a Simple DevOps Pipeline for Containers with Azure Container Registry

With software development, there’s almost always multiple ways to do things, and sometimes the best solution for a problem is not a technical one, rather a nontechnical one. With DevOps, this is certainly true, as there are increasingly multiple ways to do things to get code from a development environment into a code repo, built,…

Tech on Fire: Azure File Storage

Tech on Fire: Azure File Storage In this edition you will learn how to create an Azure File Storage and mount it on Windows and Linux for easy to use file shares.

All The Ways to Run Containers on Azure

Containers are no longer the best kept secret in IT. Practically everywhere I go, I hear of organizations using containers for everything from small projects to mission critical 24×7 applications with 99.999% uptime SLA’s. These kinds of projects all have a myriad of different requirements and drivers that go into making the decision of where…