Introduction to React Native

In this 3-day class, students learn how to build mobile apps with JavaScript using React Native. The course is focused on giving students hands-on experience with React Native, while exposing them to the most popular components, libraries, techniques, and best practices in use today.

Test-Driven Web Development with Angular

The Test-Driven Web Development with Angular training courses teaches attendees how to build rich client-side business web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, and Angular.

Introduction to React

In this 2-day class, students learn the fundamental ideas behind React and then quickly move on to hands-on problem solving and some of the most advanced and up-to-date techniques and tools in React development, including: Redux, Redux thunk, Redux Saga, Hooks, and server-side react. The course teaches just enough about testing and tools for students…

Using TypeScript with React and Redux

TypeScript provides JavaScript developers with cutting-edge JavaScript features such as modules and decorator while enhancing JavaScript with strong-typing. Through typing files, strongly typed React and Redux programming improves the development experience especially for enterprise environments. This class will feature dynamic code driven lectures, and lots of hands-on programming work.

Mastering React for Web Developers

The open-source React library from Facebook is becoming very popular. Not only is it used for the main Facebook website but lots of other major companies as adopting React. This class will introduce delegates to building web applications using React. Many developers think of React as just a View part of the Model View Controller…