Course Overview

TypeScript provides JavaScript developers with cutting-edge JavaScript features such as modules and decorator while enhancing JavaScript with strong-typing. Through typing files, strongly typed React and Redux programming improves the development experience especially for enterprise environments. This class will feature dynamic code driven lectures, and lots of hands-on programming work.

Key Learning Areas

  • TypeScript Strong Typing
  • TypeScript Interfaces
  • TypeScript Generics
  • React Components
  • React Props and State
  • Redux Reducers
  • Redux Stores
  • Integrating Redux with React Components
  • Immutable Programming

Course Outline

Day 1

  • React Overview
  • TypeScript Overview
  • TypeScript Types, Interfaces, and Generics
  • Configuring TypeScript for JSX
  • Defining Props and State Interface Types
  • Strongly Typed Components
  • Setting State in a Strongly Typed Environment

Day 2

  • Redux Overview
  • Action Type and Inheritance
  • Application State Interface
  • Reducer Generic Type
  • Store Generic Type
  • Reducers Map Object and Combine Reducers
  • Connecting Redux to React

Who Benefits

Developers desiring to use TypeScript to build React and Redux web applications.


Some experience with HTML, JavaScript, React, Redux and web programming is beneficial.