Understanding Azure Container Solutions

Microsoft has incorporated containers into many Azure services but figuring out where containers fit into various types of solutions is no simple task. This whitepaper provides a better understanding of when and how to use specific container solutions and how they integrate with Azure as a whole.

Tech on Fire: How to use Azure to Help Stop Coronavirus/Covid19 and Other Diseases

Azure compute comes in many shapes forms and fashions, and it can be used for all kinds of applications, including finding cures for diseases. In this episode, we’ll show you an easy way that you can use Azure to donate compute to help find cures for Covid-19/Coronavirus and other diseases. Folding@Home: https://foldingathome.org GitHub Project: https://github.com/theonemule/fahclient-azure-vm

An Introduction to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is Microsoft’s flagship offering for running containers on Azure. While Kubernetes itself is not too difficult to use, setting up a cluster can be daunting. Microsoft does the hard work for you by not only creating the cluster, but then manages it as well! In this webinar, we’ll help you get…

3 Easy Ways to Run Containers on Azure

There are many ways to run containers on Azure, and some of them are genuinely difficult. But there are a few options that make running containers on Azure rather simple: Azure Container Instances, Web Apps for Containers, and Azure Kubernetes Services. Here, we look at each of these options and talk about when you might…

Create a Simple DevOps Pipeline for Containers with Azure Container Registry

With software development, there’s almost always multiple ways to do things, and sometimes the best solution for a problem is not a technical one, rather a nontechnical one. With DevOps, this is certainly true, as there are increasingly multiple ways to do things to get code from a development environment into a code repo, built,…

Tech on Fire: Azure File Storage

Tech on Fire: Azure File Storage In this edition you will learn how to create an Azure File Storage and mount it on Windows and Linux for easy to use file shares.