Tech on Fire: Take a Tour of Cosmos DB

Cosmos DB has quickly become the go-to database as a service for many NoSQL database paradigms, including document databases and graph databases. With these offerings, there are a lot of possible solutions for a variety of different projects. In this video, you’ll get a long-form introduction to Cosmos DB on Microsoft Azure.

Delivering Desktop Apps in Docker Containers

In this session from DockerCon 2020, Microsoft MVP Blaize Stewart will teach you two different ways to deploy desktop applications. The first, how desktop apps can be deployed to a local machine running Docker, and second how to run the application through the desktop. You will also learn how a similar approach can be used…

Tech on Fire: Using Cloudfare with Blob Storage

Cloudflare offers some amazing protection for websites such as DDoS protection, a Web Application Firewall, and End-to-end SSL. In this video, we’ll look at how to configure a static site hosted on Azure Blob Storage to work with Cloudflare to take advantage of all the security Cloudflare offers.

Dockerfile Tips and Tricks

The ubiquity of Docker Containers has made knowledge of how to write Dockerfles an essential skill for developers, DevOps engineers, and even data scientists that use Docker containers for different kinds of workloads. While Dockerfiles on the surface don’t seem overly complicated, when not done optimally, it can leave a container exposed to a security…

Azure Networking for Developers

Developers are not network engineers, but the need for basic network knowledge by developers is even more important now, because the line between infrastructure and software has blurred. As deployment pipelines mature and they move to the cloud, entire environments can be deployed from scratch using automation, thus infrastructure must be “infrastructure as code”. Azure…

Azure Container Solutions – Whitepaper

Microsoft has incorporated containers into many Azure services but figuring out where containers fit into various types of solutions is no simple task. This whitepaper provides a better understanding of when and how to use specific container solutions and how they integrate with Azure as a whole. Download Whitepaper