Build Business Web Applications with Blazor WebAssembly

Blazor is a hot new .NET Core web technology for hosting server-side or client-side applications. In this course, the client-side version of Blazor, known as Blazor WebAssembly, will be covered. Explore how to create rich client-side applications with strongly typed C# which is cross-platform and runs on the client. Reduce your dependence on complicated, hard…

ASP.NET Core Development with Docker

This ASP.NET Core with Docker training course provides students the knowledge and skills to move new or existing ASP.NET Core applications to a Docker-based infrastructure.

ASP.NET Core Development

This ASP.NET Core Development course introduces attendees to this new platform and teaches attendees the skills necessary to design and build well-architected web and service-oriented applications that follow the MVC design pattern. Bring this course onsite to your business.

Developing Secure .NET Web Applications

Security experts agree that the least effective approach to security is "penetrate and patch". It is far more effective to "bake" security into an application throughout its lifecycle. Learn how the experts build security into their applications by walking through the entire development lifecycle of an application from a security perspective.