Test Automation with Python | PyTest Essentials

The PyTest framework is simple to use but powerful enough to cover complex testing integration scenarios.  PyTest is considered by many to be the true Pythonic approach to testing in Python. Geared for QA, Test team members and others who want to use the Python testing framework PyTest to implement code testing strategies, Test Automation…

Introduction to Flask | Developing Web Applications with Flask

Geared for experienced Python developers, Developing Web Applications with Flask is a hands-on Flask training course that provides students with the core skills required to create professional web applications with the Flask microframework. This course is approximately 40% hands-on lab to 60% lecture ratio, combining expert lecture, real-world demonstrations and group discussions with machine-based practical…

55039: Windows PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking

This three- to five-day instructor-led is intended for IT professionals who are interested in furthering their skills in Windows PowerShell and administrative automation. The course assumes a basic working knowledge of PowerShell as an interactive command-line shell, and teaches students the correct patterns and practices for building reusable, tightly scoped units of automation.

Exploring Testing with Python

The Exploring Testing course leverages the Python ecosystem to explore testing. We will learn how to structure a modern package, learn about unit testing, TDD, code coverage, and more advanced pytest features like parameterization and fixtures. But this course doesn’t end there. We’ll discuss mocking best practices, leveraging the Hypothesis library for structured testing, and…

DevOps Engineering on AWS

DevOps Engineering on AWS demonstrates how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy and maintain applications on AWS. The course covers the core principles of the DevOps methodology and examines a number of use cases applicable to startup, small-medium business, and enterprise development scenarios.