GitHub is now offering Visual Studio Community 2013 edition, Azure, Visual Studio Online, and Windows and SQL Developer accounts as part of its Developer Student Pack.

GitHub’s Student Packs just got a new boost from the Visual Studio team with the inclusion of Visual Studio Community 2013, a full featured version of Visual Studio and a wealth of other free resources.

  • Visual Studio Community 2013 supports C#, Node.js, F#, VB, and other languages as well as features for building ASP.NET web applications and hybrid mobile apps with Apache Cordova.
  • Visual Studio Online allows teams to work together on projects with support for planning, bug tracking, and automated builds.  The free service as part of this pack includes support for up to 5 developers.
  • Microsoft Azure cloud platform includes support for 10 free mobile apps and 10 free web sites.

That’s just the start though. Students can also get free access to many more Microsoft tools and developer offerings through DreamSpark, including SQL Server, training courses and Windows Store developer accounts. Along with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, we’re making it easy for students to discover and access the offerings available through DreamSpark. — Somesagar’s Blog

For more information, check out the GitHub Student Pack or Somesagar’s blog post.