In this video excerpt from Brian C. Lanham’s new course “Getting Started with Graph Databases using Neo4J”, you’ll learn how to use the Cypher Query Language to find relationships between nodes by playing the Kevin Bacon game.

Neo4j is an open-source graph database, implemented in Java that allows data to be stored in structured in graphs rather than in tables.  Used by both small companies as well as big names such as HP, Walmart, and EBay this SQL Database alternative offers a native method for modelling data and relationships.  It uses a custom query language called Cypher to enable fast queries for data across various types of relationships.  In this video excerpt Brian uses the sample movies database to show the power of the Cypher query language as well as the speed of Neo4j.  

In the full course Brian covers the details of the Cypher language, how to use the built-in tools and tutorials that come with the database, how to access and query the database from inside your C# applications, and visually modelling graph relationships.

Brian is the President of Lotic Factor, Inc., a full-service technology consultancy and micro-ISV. Brian is also Application Architect for Corvesta. Brian spends most of his time writing Web applications using MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, KnockoutJS, Twitter Bootstrap, and a host of other Web tools. He is also an iOS developer using C# and Xamarin.iOS.

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