Business is going great at Wintellect for both consulting and training. Consequently, we have run out of all the people we know and need to start looking outside our circle for more. I thought it might be a good idea to go directly to our blog readers to see if any of you are interested in becoming a Wintellectual. We’re pretty hard core and fast paced so it’s not the job for everyone, but if you like extreme challenges, we’ll definitely provide you some fun.

On the consulting side, we are looking for top-notch developers and architects who can help our clients deliver tough projects or debug tough problems. You’ll need to have an excellent track record in Windows and .NET development on various types of projects (the bigger the better). You also have to have above average communication skills, both oral and written, as we deliver solutions that others need to understand and extend. We’re looking for consultants who are not afraid of the challenge of walking into a company and immediately making a positive impact. If you’re a senior developer/architect and want to do the cool work that make others jealous and be a hero when you solve that bug that’s about to take a company down, send your resume and cover letter to Todd Fine, (toddf at this company).

Do you have a passion for imparting information to others? Are you super-deep technically? Are you good enough to command the attention of a room full of the most hard core developers in the world? We’re looking for great instructors that have a burning desire to teach .NET Framework, Debugging, SharePoint, and any other hot technology in the Windows environment. We don’t teach canned, beginner slides that everyone else does. Our courses start where the others end so if you can’t describe the garbage collector in your sleep, we’re not interested. Note that this position requires travel as nearly all our classes are taught on site. If you’re up for the challenge, send a cover letter, resume, to Lewis Frazer (lewisf at this company). Also be prepared to send a link or videotape of you presenting because that’s the first thing we will ask for if you look good on paper.

Both our consulting and training positions are full time employee slots so we’re not too interested in contractors (unless you can prove to us you are a pure development god and are willing to contract through us only). These positions are mostly location independent in the North American continent. However, for some consulting positions, we have a preference for the Atlanta, GA area.

We look forward to your resumes!