We are busting at the seams with work and working crazy hours trying to meet demand. I’m looking for an ASP.NET person to hire on full-time at Wintellect and help me deal with all the training and consulting requests that are pouring in. Job duties would include, in the following order:

1) Delivering 3- and 5-day ASP.NET training courses to clients. Most clients are in the U.S., but occasional overseas trips would be required.

2) Doing ASP.NET consulting work for our clients. Some jobs are short-term and are often perf-related. (“My Web site doesn’t scale; can you fix it?”). Others are longer-term jobs that involve architecting Web sites, working alongside the customer’s in-house development team to build a site, or developing a site from the ground up and delivering it to the customer.

3) Doing content development work. We develop a lot of content for Microsoft, including sample applications previewing new and upcoming technologies (such as Atlas and WPF/e), hands-on labs, training materials, online tutorials, and webcasts.

What kind of person are we looking for? That person should be a terrific presenter first and foremost. He or she needs to be equally adept at imparting knowledge to a class of 15 people and wowing a crowd of 1,000 at a big conference. That person should also have a moderate to deep knowledge of ASP.NET. (We’ll take you even deeper.) That person must be willing to travel a couple of weeks a month and be hungry for the challenge of staying up to date on the latest and greatest Microsoft Web technologies and taking those technologies out to customers. Writing experience is a big plus, too. Communication skills are essential in our line of work.

If you think you fit the bill, let us know so we can schedule an interview.