Microsoft is expanding its Visual Studio installation options, making it even easier for developers to quickly install just the features they need.

The company already previewed a new ‘light install’ option as part of Visual Studio 15, the latest version of the IDE that’s rumored to be shipping later this year. The new installer shaves 30 percent off the wait time at first launch, with the smallest version taking up about 300 MB of space.

Now Microsoft is working on a menu of 17 possible setup options, depending on what you want to build. Just interested in installing C++ for desktop development? Great, there’s an option for that.

The idea is that the current standard VS installer would eventually be replaced with a new customizable menu, and Microsoft wants feedback on which options should be added before releasing another preview sometime this summer.

Below is the list of ‘workloads’ Microsoft is considering supporting with custom install experiences. Click here to share your opinion in a short survey.

  1. Universal Windows Platform development
  2. Web development (incl. ASP.NET, TypeScript, Azure tooling)
  3. Windows desktop app development with C++
  4. Cross-platform mobile development with .NET (incl. Xamarin)
  5. .NET desktop application development
  6. Linux and IoT development with C++
  7. Cross-platform mobile development with Cordova
  8. Mobile app development with C++ (incl. Android, iOS)
  9. Office / SharePoint add-in development
  10. Python web development (incl. Django and Flask support)
  11. Data science and analytical applications (incl. R, F#, Python)
  12. Node.js development
  13. Cross-platform game development (incl. Unity)
  14. Native Windows game development (incl. DirectX)
  15. Data storage and processing (incl. SQL, Hadoop, Azure ML)
  16. Azure cloud services development and management
  17. Visual Studio extension development