Codeless game-building tool Buildbox has added support for the Universal Windows Platform, making it easy to create games and export them to the Windows Store, Windows mobile devices and XBox One, Microsoft announced Thursday.

For those not familiar with Buildbox, its drag-and-drop interface allows users to build games without writing a single line of code, using the software’s preset options to add characters, backgrounds and levels.

Sound like cheating? Tell that to Color Switch creator David Reichelt, who built his addictive obstacle game in a week using Buildbox and saw it top the iTunes download chart for more than a month, hitting upwards of 80 million downloads so far.

Buildbox 2.1, the latest version, supports 17 platforms in all, including iOS, Android and Amazon. It also includes a new particle effect creator that allows developers to add and edit visual effects like fire and smoke.

To sweeten the pot for developers interested in experimenting Buildbox, Microsoft has teamed up with video advertising service Vungle to offer a $500 bonus to anyone who uses the software to create a Windows 10 Desktop game that meets certain minimum criteria. Details are here.