How do I protect my Xbox in dev mode? Can I publish my non-game app to Xbox One?

Now that Microsoft is further opening up the Xbox platform to developers, you might have questions about either bringing an existing UWP app to Xbox, or developing directly for the gaming console.

Microsoft’s recent live video training and Twitter chat answered some of those questions in a bid to attract more developers to the platform. If you missed it, the company has posted a detailed recap online with video clips and an FAQ.

Questions range from the detail-oriented—frame rate limits, whether there’s a screen capture API for UWP—to the strategic (whether to build for Xbox first or build a PC/mobile app and convert it).

Session videos focus on XAML and web apps, design best practices and publishing to the Windows Store.

Microsoft last month announced that devs who’ve built games and apps using the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK can publish them directly to the Xbox Store, opening up a marketing avenue that was previously unavailable to smaller, independent developers.