Wintellect has been glad to be a sponsor of CodeStock for several years now. This year Josh Carroll, Keith Rome, and myself presented on AngularJS and Xamarin topics. It was great having such a larger audience this year (over 900 people attended!) Thanks to all the CodeStock staff and support folks that made this year overwhelmingly successful!

If you missed the link to my presentation, you can find the GitHub project here:

Where my talk focused on current features and supporting projects for Angular, I really enjoyed Josh’s two talks that focused more on Angular 2.x features. I know it seems like a lot of radical changes are coming to Angular 2, but once you see (as Josh demonstrated) the capabilities and simplicity of these new features, it really makes Angular 2 very compelling.

Of course, if your organization is looking to partner with someone to build your next application, please consider talking with us. AngularJS and Xamarin are just a couple of areas where we can provide our expertise.