Frustrated that your app doesn’t show up easily in Windows Store? Microsoft says it’s taking some steps to update the algorithm that decides which apps appear in search results.

The algorithm “has been adjusted to give more weight to app quality signals such as the number of downloads and ratings,” according to a Microsoft blog post. The changes will “make apps easier to be discovered, specifically when searching by app name and related keywords,” says Microsoft.

Microsoft says that spam apps, and those that use misleading keywords, will continue to be blocked from showing up in search results. Users of the Store have noticed quite a bit of spam in the past, so perhaps Microsoft has managed to tighten up those filters.

Starting in March, app reviews created by Windows Insiders in the Slow ring will also start showing up in the store. In the past, Microsoft had hidden reviews from Insiders in order to prevent app developers from being penalized by bugs that users were seeing in new Windows builds. Reviews from Insiders in the Fast ring will continue to be hidden.

The changes come on the heels of a previous blog post in which Microsoft shared tips on how to maximize app visibility. Developers have often complained that their apps don’t appear in search results even when they follow Microsoft’s guidelines—a challenge for the company as it seeks to encourage more devs to build Windows apps.

The changes have gotten a positive response from a number of commenters on and Windows Central, who say their apps are now easier to find in the store.

Has the new algorithm made a difference for your app? Let us know in the comments below.

You can read the full Microsoft blog post here.