After a week of automatic and manual upgrades, Windows 10 reached 14 million users in just the first 24 hours with estimates a week later pushing 20 million users.  The price (FREE) and the automatic nature of the upgrades certainly played a part in making Windows 10 a hit out of the gate.  But now that it’s installed, are users loving Windows again?

As part of Microsoft’s new model for “Windows as a Service” the first update is available containing literally dozens of bug fixes.

This update includes non–security-related changes to enhance the functionality of Windows 10 through new features and improvements.  — Microsoft Support Site

While the reviews of Windows 10 are overwhelmingly positive, as users begin to use features like Cortana and the new Edge Browser, they will inevitably find things that they don’t like.  For example, here are my top 3 pet peaves after only 1 week.

  1. “Hey Cortana” doesn’t work on my Surface Pro 3 tablet because the microphone isn’t good enough.
  2. Windows Hello requires a custom camera, not just my trusty LifeCam.
  3. The Edge Browser doesn’t support much needed plugins like LastPass which means I still have to install Chrome.

I would be hard pressed to consider any of these major issues and overall, I am enjoying the upgrade.  But what about you?  Has Windows 10 met your expectations or are you disappointed?  What are your pet peaves?  Let us know what you think in this poll and hit the comment button to let us know what you like and don’t like.

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