Microsoft announced the release of the final version of Team Foundation Server 2015 today which includes numerous improvements in Agile Project Management, a brand new build system, Git support enhancements, and extensibility.  While there are literally dozens of major and minor enhancements, here’s a quick highlight of some of the best.

  • Agile Project Management: The main improvements include hierarchical backlog management, customizable cards, swim lanes, definition of done, split columns, inline edit, search and filter, among many others.
  • Build.vNext: The build system overhaul addresses numerous points of customer feedback like a web UI, change auditing, better agent pool management, among others. TFS 2015 also has a dramatically simpler extensibility model, providing tasks for building almost anything you want – Java, Android, iOS, Node.js and more, and a cross platform agent that enables you to build on any platform you choose.
  • Continuous Delivery: With the new Build pipeline, extensibility model and cross platform agents, Microsoft has further enabled continuous delivery with Team Foundation Server 2015. You can choose from a wide variety of tasks that will provision Microsoft Azure infrastructure for your application, deploy the app, run load tests and more. This enables you to create an automated continuous delivery pipeline and monitor your code from creation to deployment.
  • Git Improvements:  Better support for pull requests, support for branch policies to help manage merges, and history visualization.
  • Extensibility:  Building on the extensibility features built into Visual Studio Online, TFS now supports REST, oAuth, and service hook integration with partners such as Azure, Jenkins, Perfecto Mobile, Trello, and more.

You can download a Trial Version, or get the complete version through existing MSDN subscriptions or resellers.