The moment of truth nears as Microsoft prepares to release its Windows 10 Anniversary Update to the public on August 2. In the meantime, the software giant is rolling out a few final, trouble-shooting previews for Windows Insiders.

Rather than debuting new features, Windows 10 Preview Build 14383, released for PC and mobile Thursday, simply ties up a whole lot of loose ends. Here are a few:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Cortana in listening mode have been changed to reduce instances of users accidentally activating the virtual assistant
  • Users can more easily access and buy Edge browser extensions directly from Microsoft Edge
  • An issue that caused some web pages to become unresponsive in Edge when using the LastPass extension has been fixed

Check out the release notes for the full list of bug fixes. There are few known issues with this update, as Microsoft seeks to move towards more and more stable versions in the runup to the general release.

Microsoft does note that it has changed the backup method for Windows 10 Mobile, so mobile users should read the instructions in the release notes carefully before attempting to back up a device running the latest Insider preview build.

Microsoft will be paying close attention to Insider feedback from these last few rounds as it works to make the update ship-ready, so now’s the time to put in your two cents.