If you aren’t familiar with Codestock, then you should be, especially if you live anywhere in the southeast.

Codestock is a regional tech conference hosted in Knoxville, TN, and has been going on since 2007. It is consistently a great conference with incredible speakers and technical content at a very reasonable price.

Ok, so why should you attend?

Bigger And Better

In previous years, Codestock has been hosted at the UT Convention center, which only allowed for a maximum of 450 attendees. Last year, there were well over 100 people on the waiting list, so this year the conference is moving to a larger venue, The Knoxville Convention Center.

There is more than enough capacity for anyone who wants to come this year, and the Codestock organizers are expecting 800-900 attendees!

So if you want to come geek out with 800 of your fellow programmers, then you need to get a ticket.

Scott. Freaking. Hanselman.

This year, Scott Hanselman is going to be the keynote speaker. If you haven’t ever heard Scott speak before then you have missed a great chance to be educated and entertained at the same time.

Sure he works for “the man”, but if you haven’t noticed recently, Microsoft is cool again. Scott is one of the guys that has been working pretty hard behind the scenes to bring about many of the exciting changes we have seen coming out of Redmond these days.

To top it all off, Scott is just a genuinely awesome human being. He routinely goes out of his way to engage with conference attendees. Everyone I have ever talked to that has met him has more or less said, “Scott Hanselman is super nice!”

You Decide The Content

Most conferences are a black box when it comes to who is selected to speak, but Codestock is different. Codestock has a unique system where those interested in the conference can actually vote on the sessions they are interested in.

You don’t even have to buy a ticket!

That’s right, anybody who is interested can vote on sessions, which helps the organizers select the content that everybody actually wants to learn about rather than based on some insider buddy system, or vendors hawking their product.

Wintellect Will be There!

Several of the Wintellect crew will at Codestock regardless of if we are chosen to speak or not. However, if you want to hear us talk, then you need to go vote for our sessions 🙂

Dave Baskin’s Sessions:

  • ASP.NET 5 Takes a Cue from NodeJS
  • AngularJS Moving Forward

Josh Carroll’s Sessions:

  • Diving into Angular 2.0
  • Preparing for Angular 2 in an Angular 1.x world
  • Time warp to the future with TypeScript

Joel Cochran’s Sessions:

  • Windows Azure Storage Revisited: Using Tables in the Real World
  • A Gentle Introduction to Unit Testing
  • An Introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Stubs, Shims, and Mocks oh my! Unit testing with Visual Studio Fakes

John Garland’s Sessions:

  • Putting the Cloud in Your Pocket – Using Azure Mobile Services with Xamarin Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Keith Rome’s Sessions:

  • Mobile UI Tests and Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Introduction to Xamarin Insights
  • Extending Xamarin Forms

Don’t Wait!

Session voting is only open for a few more weeks, so go ahead and take a look at the sessions, vote, and buy a ticket!

When you get there, come hang out with us… we love any excuse to talk about technology.