My deep abiding love of Roslyn continues! I just published a new video Writing Roslyn Analyzers and Code Fixes up at WintellectNOW: My goal was to take you from zero knowledge of Roslyn to writing a real world analyzer and code fix in 1.5 hours. This video covers everything from using the Syntax Visualizer to developing and testing analyzers and code fixes. Along the way I show how I solved some of the hard real world issues you’ll encounter.

Given that there’s not a lot of documentation on Roslyn I thought this video would help get folks up to speed as we approach the release date for Visual Studio 2015. I would love to hear any and all constructive criticisms you have on the video. What did I do right, what did I do wrong, and what else do you want to see. Sign up for a free WintellectNOW account and post to the discussion area under the video.

Please note that we reserve the right to move the video to subscription required in the future. Given how new Roslyn and VS 2015 are at the time of recording we thought it was good to get the info out now.