We’ve been keeping the airways hot here at Wintellect. First there was Devscovery Denver. Then came MIX in Las Vegas, Devscovery New York, and a trip to Redmond, all in consecutive weeks. I’m looking forward to having (most of) a couple of weeks at home before heading to TechEd and then back to India.

Below are a few pictures I snapped at Devscovery New York, including one of Charles Petzold delivering the keynote. The last picture wasn’t actually taken at Devscovery; it was taken at NASA a couple of weeks before. It shows Wintellect marketing guru Sara Faatz and her daughter Samantha meeting Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise. Sara’s husband works for NASA, so he gets to meet some pretty cool people. Notice how Samantha is trying to snatch Mr. Haise’s badge away. She can’t wait to go to work for NASA!

Empire State BuildingEmpire State BuildingNew York CityPetzold KeynoteDevscovery Speakers and StaffHaise Encounter

On the Silverlight front, I’ve been working on some cool C# samples that aren’t quite ready to publish yet. Meanwhile, I added a zoom feature to the MyComix Silverlight viewer. Visit the MyComix site and make sure you’re in thumbnail view. Then click a comic book to display the Silverlight viewer. You can still rotate the comic by dragging the mouse over it with the left button held down, and now you can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.

For an excellent discussion of how to process mouse wheel events in JavaScript in a browser-independent manner, check out Mouse Wheel Programming in JavaScript by Adomas Paltanavicius. My mouse wheel handling code is derived from the example in this article.