I did a little rearchitecting on MyComix’s Silverlight viewer tonight and added a new feature, too. Now when you move the mouse into the region of the window above the top of the comic book, a partially transparent info panel containing pertinent information about the comic slides into view. To check it out, go to http://mycomix.training.atmosera.com/Spotlight.aspx?Item=1845 and have fun spinning, zooming, and sliding.

The viewer now demonstrates some of the most important features of Silverlight 1.0, including asynchronous image and data downloads, dynamic progress bars, transforms, animations, event handling, and mouse wheel processing. It also demonstrates ASP.NET AJAX integration. Since the Silverlight 1.0 beta doesn’t have its own network stack, I used the XmlHttpRequest/JSON stack in ASP.NET AJAX to asynchronously fetch the data displayed in the info panel.

The “download” link at the bottom of MyComix’s home page has been updated so you can grab the latest source and see how it all works.

Now if I can just figure out how to draw the bat signal using a XAML path…