Winter’s almost over and I’m excited that the weather is improving. This time of year, I’m glad I live in the south because I’m ready for warmth. To satisfy my jet craving, I recently joined the Georgia Jets flying club. Georgia Jets boasts probably the best RC jet-flying facility in the country, specially built just for large turbine-powered models. It’s a 4-hour drive from my house to the field, but since Wintellect does a lot of business in the Atlanta area anyway, I’ll throw a jet in the car and combine business with pleasure whenever I’m called down to Atlanta.

Speaking of Atlanta…I’m speaking there this week in MSDN’s Southern Fried Roadshow event. It’s open to the public and I’d love to see you there. Weather permitting, I’ll have a large jet with me to take down to Georgia Jets once the event has concluded. Maybe I’ll bring it into the Microsoft office and fire it up before I take the stage. Then again, I have a feeling the Atlanta fire marshal would have something to say about that. 🙂

Next up on the public speaking calendar is Devscovery New York April 14-16. We’ve added several new speakers and topics to Devscovery this year–so much so that we expanded the conference from three tracks to four. We’re also featuring a series of “Day of” sessions that take you deep into selected subject areas. For example, I’ll be presenting “Day of Silverlight” designed to acquaint developers with the ins and outs of Silverlight, while Jeffrey Richter will be presenting “Day of Threading” and John Robbins will be hosting “Day of Performance.” I’ll also be doing a session that I can’t even talk about yet. The general subject of the talk is Silverlight, and if you’re a fan of Silverlight, you won’t want to miss this session!

After Devscovery, I’ll be hosting an open-enrollment class entitled Let’s Have a Silverlight Party April 27-28. The class is delivered virtually, via LiveMeeting, and I have some cool stuff planned for it that I can’t talk about yet due to NDA. Look for details to appear on our Web site later this month.

Next up on the calendar of public appearances is TechEd in Los Angeles. On Sunday, May 10, I’ll be delivering a precon entitled Building Great Web Applications with Microsoft Silverlight. You pay extra to attend TechEd preconference sessions, but the good ones (and most are very, very good) are well worth it. If you’re attending TechEd and want a 1-day crash course in Silverlight, I’d be pleased to see you in my precon!