I’m packing up my stuff to head for Atlanta tomorrow and speak at MSDN’s Southern Fried Roadshow. If you attend, you’ll get to see a demo that I just put the finishing touches on. It uses dynamic Deep Zoom (that is, Deep Zoom with image tiles that are generated on the fly rather than by Deep Zoom Composer) to provide a highly interactive view of the Mandelbrot set.

Mandelbrot Viewer Mandelbrot ViewerMandelbrot Viewer

I’ve loved fractals for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been meaning to write a fractal viewer for Silverlight. This one’s pretty cool, no thanks to me but thanks to the magic of Deep Zoom. The source code will be available soon from MSDN’s Web site, and you can read all about it and how it works in my next Wicked Code column in MSDN Magazine.