On August 6th I gave a presentation for ReMix South about tablet development with Silverlight. It was a fun presentation to give. I presented using a Motion Computing CL900 to demonstrate the difference between standard applications and ones that are touch-optimized. I also spoke quite a bit about why Silverlight was the strategic choice for a company we had a very successful slate project with (see the Rooms to Go case study here).

There is a phrase I blogged about earlier called the “consumerization of IT” that is creating some interesting enterprise trends. An IDC survey of 3,000 respondants showed that 95% used devices they personally purchased in their place of work. Workers purchase smart phones and/or tablets and bring them in to use. This is coupled with a strong surge in demand Natural User Interfaces (NUI) as evidenced not only by sales of tablets and slates, but even gaming interfaces like Microsoft’s own Kinect technology.

I am still not sure if there will be video posted for the session. I will post it if and when it is available. I’ve uploaded the slide deck along with the sample applications and source code. Slate and tablet development is a very exciting space for Silverlight and will get even more interesting when we learn the details of Windows 8 in just a few short weeks.

Jeremy Likness