Many thanks to the organizers and attendees of the Boston Azure User Group where I had the chance to speak this past week on Developing Cloud-Enabled Windows Phone Applications with Windows Azure.  I hope everyone who attended enjoyed the presentation as much as I enjoyed doing it.  I certainly appreciate everybody having stuck through considering the A/C glitch causing the room temperature to get a little uncomfortable.

Speaking of weather, I think my house is now as prepared as it is going to be for the upcoming arrival of hurricane Irene to New Hampshire…I really didn’t think I’d be dealing with these anymore after my 15 years in Florida – that we “paid our dues” in New England with our annual rounds of Nor’easters and other winter “fun.”  Nonetheless, the slide deck and code from the presentation have been posted, and can be found here.

The sample code is broken into 5 parts across 4 solutions as follows:

  1. Membership (Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone)
  2. Storage (Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone)
  3. Notification Services (Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone)
  4. AppFabric Service Bus
  5. OData (Azure Data Marketplace and SQL Azure)

Key “markers” have been placed into the code files as comments that start with the word “NOTE” (a handy way to see most of them is to make use of the Visual Studio Task List pane, however, there are a few in the config files that don’t get picked up by this pane.)  The code has been sanitized to point to local storage and/or to remove any keys I had put in that were specific to the sites and accounts I was using for the demo.  Please substitute your own private values where necessary.