This is like my seventh PDC! My first PDC was 15 years ago in 1993 and I still have the Windows plastic slinky on my bookshelf. Anyway, I’ll be at the 2008 edition of the PDC so please stop by the Wintellect booth and say hello. As I’ll be at the PDC to see some of the new stuff too, I’ll be in and out of the booth all day. If you do come by the booth, I’ll be the one avoiding doing any work so I’m easy to spot.

Jeff Prosise will obviously be there as he’s giving the SilverLight pre-con on Sunday. As it sounds like six million of you have signed up for it please do me a huge favor and give Jeff a hard time for me. Seriously, Jeff has all sorts of great stuff to truly get you up to speed on the hot off the web release of SilverLight.

There’s going to be some great debugging and tuning talks at the PDC you have to put in your schedule. The first is Visual Studio Debugger Tips & Tricks by John Cunningham (Tues, 12:15). John leads the Visual Studio Diagnostic Team and has been working on the debugger basically forever so you’ll really see how to take advantage of things in it. Another session on your must see list is Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability by Steve Carroll, Ed Glas (Weds, 1:15). Steve and Ed live and breathe the Visual Studio profiler so you’ll learn how to find those hard performance problems easily. I expect everyone to be at both of those sessions!