There’s a ton two tons of interesting stuff coming up from the Diagnostics team in Dev10: the kind of stuff that completely changes the way you debug and tune! John Cunningham, the development manager for all diagnostic tools in Visual Studio, and I were talking and we thought it would be great to have a community discussion on the future of diagnostics, debugging, tuning, and tools. I know there’s a lot of interest in the topic now that we move to cloud and wide distributed computing. Do you have ideas how you think tools and techniques should work in the future? Do you want to hear more about people who live and breathe debugging and performance tuning are thinking what your world will look like? Most of the Diagnostic team dev leads and managers are speaking and/or working at the PDC and will be at this open space session. They want to hear your thoughts as well as share their own. Tell your friends to be there, it’ll be the most interesting discussion at the PDC.

It looks like I can’t create the open session from the PDC web site and only at the PDC so John and I though the best time would be right after his talk on Tuesday October 28 at 1:30. That way you’ve had the chance to see the amazing stuff coming up in Dev10 and will be primed to talk about the near future as well as the tools and techniques you’ll be using in five years. I’ll post the final time and room here on my blog as well at the Wintellect booth at the PDC. Spread the news far and wide, here’s your chance to really sit down with the Diagnostic team and make your voices heard!