Very special thanks to Darren Stone for reporting several bugs and suggestions for PARAFFIN, my tool for assisting with maintaining Windows Installer XML (WiX) installations. I’ve posted a fixed version for your enjoyment. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added -Win64 switch, which adds Win64=”yes” to all components.
  • Updated the Id naming to keep all values in the range [0-9a-zA-Z_] to avoid any naming problems. WiX is not consistent on exactly what can characters can be in the Id attribute.
  • When updating, I was previously only relying on the Directory and File elements Name attribute to find those elements. I mistakenly thought the short file/directory name was guaranteed to be unique. I fixed this bug by updating the Directory element searching to look for either the matching Name attribute or LongName attribute depending if the long name is different than the short name. For File elements, I look at both the Name and the Source attributes for the exact match.
  • Fixed a bug where I wasn’t properly matching directory names when generating the Id attribute.
  • Fixed the innocuous bug where I was appending a double slash on an alias if the input directory did not end in a trailing slash.

Please keep the bug reports and suggestions coming!