Microsoft is shutting down TechRewards, its program that allows developers to earn points toward new products by completing challenges and quizzes.

The company announced Thursday that all challenges have been discontinued, and members have until January 6, 2017, to redeem any points they have collected.

Microsoft inherited the program, once knowns as DVLUP, when it acquired Nokia in 2014. The gamelike system offered devs the chance to earn badges and compete against others on a leaderboard. Those badges can now be exported to social media accounts before TechRewards closes in January.

“We believe other Microsoft programs more closely associated with products and services can best support users in their technical journey,” the program’s website now reads, pointing users toward other developer resources like Microsoft Virtual Academy and Visual Studio Dev Essentials.

Readers, do you use this program? Are you upset that it’s going away, or is your reaction more ‘meh’?  Sound off in the comments.