Below is one of my favorite airplane pictures. It was taken by Wintellectual Mark Kovalcson a year or so ago as my AT-6 Texan climbed out after a beautiful take-off. Poetry!

I’ve been fooling around this evening writing up a piece for the club’s newsletter. (The flying club, that is.) It’s titled “You Know You’re Addicted to R/C Airplanes If…” Here are a few samples:

  • Your wife says “you’re going to have to choose between me and flying” and without hesitating you reply “I’ll miss you, honey.”
  • You’re in a car accident on the way to the field and you have to climb over two unconscious passengers to check the condition of your plane.
  • You test-fit the family cat into the cockpit of your 33% Extra and seriously consider giving it a try.
  • The most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you was when your buddy took off with his ailerons reversed and then had his elevator servo fail, too.
  • A psychologist administers a Rorschach test and upon seeing the first ink blot, you scream “Corsair!”
  • Your wife says she’d like to see you more often and you give her a map to the field.
  • You won’t haul mulch in your truck because you want to keep it clean for your airplanes.

And the number 1 reason you know you’re addicted to airplanes:



p class=”MsoNormal”>Your wife says “wanna have some fun?” and you run downstairs to put a plane on charge.