True story from Sara Faatz, Wintellect’s director of marketing and communications, who recently moved from Virginia to Georgia:

I went to UPS today to ship out some packages.  As part of UPS’s shipping regulations, they have to look at your drivers license (or government issued ID) and enter your name and state in the computer to associate the shipper with the packages.  The girl behind the counter asked to see my license and after looking at it said “Is that a Georgia license?”  I politely said, “No, it’s a Virginia license,” wondering why she needed to ask after looking at it.

She then goes to her computer and scrolls through the state list in the drop down menu and asked “West Virginia?”  I said “no…” and during my pause she said “ah…East Virginia” and started to scroll up to the “e”s in the menu (I am dead serious about that).  I said, “Nope…just standard issue Virginia.”  Puzzled, she continued to fumble through the list of states and even at one point said “I don’t think it’s here.”  I said “I’m pretty sure it’s close to the bottom.” 

Eventually she found it and all was well.

Maybe the girl behind the counter was confusing East Virginia and East Carolina…