Xamarin Mobile Development

Wintellect held a live hand’s-on webinar on Xamarin mobile development for building cross-platform apps including IOS, Android and Windows Devices. The agenda included an interactive and coding presentation from Jason Bell, including the mobile landscape and development options, the Xamarin development platform, Xamarin application architectural options and building shared application components.

The event was followed by a live Q & A session where attendees could ask Jason questions about best practices using Xamarin, or, any questions from what they learned in the presentation. One attendee asked which path they should take for mobile development between Xamarin and React Native. Jason stated the most important factor would be the language. With React Native they would be using JavaScript and if they moved forward with Xamarin, the language would be  .NET, C#, and potentially F#. A secondary factor is with React Native the API surface area that is available lags behind from what you would receive with Xamarin but depending on the app you are looking to build, it may be insignificant. Jason concluded that ultimately it would be the language preference and experience with that language that should be the determining factor when choosing between the two.

Through polling we found that 54% of the audience had little or no experience with Xamarin. 81% of the attendees planned to use Visual Studio 2017 for their Xamarin development followed by 40% plan on using Visual Studio 2015.

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