codestock logoAs Dave Baskin posted earlier this week, several of us from Wintellect were in attendance at CodeStock 2015 in Knoxville this weekend. Wintellect is proud to have been a sponsor of this year’s event, and we were also thrilled to have several of our consultants selected as speakers. Dave, Josh Carroll, Joel Cochran and myself all presented one or more topics each this year. Everyone’s talks received positive feedback from attendees.

While the rest of the team covered primarily web topics, both of my talks were on the cross-platform mobile platform Xamarin – an introductory level talk as well as a more advanced talk on custom renderers in Xamarin Forms. I was originally only scheduled to deliver the second talk, as another speaker was lined up for a Xamarin intro talk. However the other talk was cancelled at the last minute (illness I believe), and we were given the chance to fill in for them. Interest in both sessions was strong – even though there were some other very popular talks scheduled in the same time slots and our morning session didn’t even appear on the schedule until the evening before.

We covered a lot of ground in each session and had some great conversions – both during the talks as well as back at our sponsor table and in hallway conversations. There is a great vibrancy among developers who are working with Xamarin – lots of enthusiasm for the technology and many great success stories to be found in this space.

Were you at CodeStock but missed out on these presentations? Or would have liked to attend the conference but couldn’t make it this year?

If you would have liked to attend my talks but didn’t/couldn’t then watch our blog for future updates. I will be visiting several other cities in the Southeast US over the coming months in order to bring this content to a wider audience. I just might be in your area soon! And if your local .NET or Mobile Developer User Group isn’t on my list then let me know about it so I can see about getting it on the schedule.

Badge-XamarinAlso, if you would like for us to come talk to your team (or management) about Xamarin, then please reach out and ask us about setting up one of our “Xamarin Briefings”. These are half-day sessions where we provide an introduction to the platform and discuss the pros/cons and answer questions your organization might have about mobile development with Xamarin.