Pretty much any time I write about a cool .NET only feature here on the blog I get emails or comments about how the native C++ developers are left out in the cold. There are still a lot of applications out there using native C++ and it feels like those developers don’t get the love like .NET developers do so here’s a post only for the C++ developers out there.

In keeping up with C++ development, I was looking at the Boost Libraries Conference 2010 site to see what was discussed at BoostCon 2010. There was a wonderful presentation from Stephan T. Lavavej of Microsoft, Data Structure Visualizers in Visual Studio 2010. That’s the direct link to the PDF of the slides, but make sure to check out the rest of the conference sessions here. If you ever wanted to know how to hack the AUTOEXP.DAT to show anything you wanted, this is the session for you. It’s advanced and undocumented, but that never stopped a C++ developer before!