Fifteen minutes ago I sent in the last PDF chapter review of Debugging Microsoft .NET 2.0 Applications. That means I’m done! The book still has to go through production, but it’s out of my hands so I can finally get a bit of life back. As always, finishing writing a book is an adventure and one that feels both good and bad at the same time. The good is that it’s done and I like how it came out. The bad is that I always feel I could have done better. (You’re always your own harshest critic.)


As with previous editions, a great group of people I highly respect reviewed the book and kept me from making huge numbers of mistakes and suggesting great tricks. I owe the Review Crew all the thanks in the world: Mark Bartosik, Maria Blees, Derek Cooke, Chad Coon, Stoyan Damov, David Douglass, Richard Dutton, Roberto Farah, Thomas Fejes, Moishe Halibard, Don Kiely, Martin Kulov, Jeff Lewis, Spencer Low, Jim McGregor, Dave Montgomery, Roger Orr, Osiris Pedroso, Jeff Scanlon, Austin Thompson, and Jalil Vaidya.


Special thanks go to the Microsoft Press folks: Valerie Woolley, Christophe Nassare, and Joel Rosenthal for making it look like I had command of the English language and saving me from phenomenal technical blunders.


The last page count I got from Valerie was 480 pages. From the last edition, my guess is that the book was a 75% rewrite. The code disk is up to 9.7 MB of just code! The PDFs for the chapters is 11.1 MB so the code alone is 87% the size of the book.

The book should be in your hands the end of October or the beginning of November. I hope you enjoy it!