Wintellect Co-Founder Jeff Prosise was recently a guest on the latest episode of Coding 101 on  Father Robert Ballecer who calls himself the “Digital Jesuit” interviewed Jeff with Lou Maresca from Microsoft and they covered many topics starting with how Jeff got started with computer science having come from an engineering background before getting caught up in PC programming on the Commodore 64.  They also discussed some of the challenges faced by developers in Jeff’s experience including how process or more precisely the lack of appropriate process is often the biggest impedence to success.

The discussion turned to building cross platform applications and Jeff discussed how he moved to Xamarin and Xamarin Forms development.   While taking questions from the audience, he give this excellent advice for developers who are wondering whether they should follow the money to iOS or Android.

 Go where your passion is, because at the end of the day you’re going to have the greatest chance of success if you are doing something you’re passionate about.

For more nuggets of wisdom from one of the most experienced software experts in the industry, check out the full interview at