It’s time for this month’s blog round-up! Check out what our authors have been creating over the past month! 


  • If you P2V (physical-to-virtual) Windows, you may be asked to re-activate Windows due to a hardware change.  Check out Bret Fisher’s blog post entitled P2V of Windows Server 2003 using OEM License to learn how to do that without a lot of heartache.

  • In Presenter Quirks: through the Kinect Office Pack Plugin, Dwight Goins provides a sneak peak at phase 1 of the Presenter Quirks application he and his team are working on for Kinect for Windows version 2 Devices.

  • Earlier this month Jeremy Likness attended ng-conf, the world’s first public Angular conference, hosted in Salt Lake City.  Check out his Day 1 and Day2 reports to learn about his experiences and what he learned there.

  • Along the AngularJS lines, make sure you check out Interception using Decorator and Lazy Loading with AngularJS, also by Jeremy.  He’ll walk you through interception, which is a feature in AngularJS that allows you to extend, intercept, or otherwise manipulate existing services.  

  • If you’ve ever suffered from glyphophobia (the irrational fear of glyphs and glyph runs) then Charles Petzold’s post Character Formatting Extensions with DirectWrite is for you ;-).  Check out his post to learn more about IDWriteTextRenderer, the interface that allows programmers the greatest insights into the role of glyphs in rendering text, as well as providing a means to extend the character formatting normally available.

  • If you’ve ever considered building a Linux-based home server, check out Blaize Stewart’s post – Setting up a Linux-Based Home Server – Part 1.

Watch as Rob Tiffany and Matthijs Hoekstra discuss the use of NoSQL in their latest episode of “Inside Windows Phone.”