With the acquisition of GitHub in late 2018, Microsoft has demonstrated their investment in the developer community and a shift in the way they build software. GitHub provides a world-class platform and collaborative environment that shifts security as far left as possible. Therefore, the combination of two powerhouse companies has opened the door to a world of potential for the software development process across organizations of all sizes.

As of August 2020, Wintellect is officially a GitHub Verified Partner and one of the few Microsoft-centric GitHub Partners. As a Gold DevOps and Gold Cloud Platform Partner of Microsoft, the GitHub partnership is a natural fit and will further allow us to meet organizations where they are and enable them through their DevOps journey. Wintellect specializes in helping companies deliver better software faster to improve end-user experience and stay ahead of competitors.

As a part of the Verified GitHub Partner program, Wintellect can implement & educate organizations on GitHub Enterprise to provide the best in breed flexible and comprehensive environment for software development. With native tools such as GitHub Advanced Security, GitHub Enterprise places value in shifting left on security practices and writing secure code from inception. GitHub Enterprise facilitates a collaborative and interactive experience for developers, which can help attract and retain top talent.

Through our continued partnerships with Microsoft and now GitHub, Wintellect is eager to help customers develop and enhance their DevOps practice and abilities. Reach out to Wintellect today for more information on our consulting services and training courses related to GitHub Enterprise!