We’ve been kind of loose at Wintellect on how we deal with our open source projects. Many are published like mine on a blog or various open source hosting sites. After discussing it internally, we are now starting to push all our code to http://code.training.atmosera.com. That’s your go to place for our code. We’re hosting on GitHub because we felt it offered the easiest way for people to contribute to the projects. Our first three projects are up and ready for forking and using!


Do you want to make using Windows Installer XML a little easier? Paraffin makes creating and maintaining your file fragments much easier. Several people have emailed me cool additions to Paraffin that I’ll be working in very soon. The initial code post is Paraffin 3.6 which is the same published in this blog.

Wintellect PowerShell

If you’ve read my blog for more than a few months, you know I’m all about better living through PowerShell. This module contains all the cmdlets from my blog and mainly revolve around making it easier to set up Visual Studio and WinDBG for symbol servers and source servers.

Wintellect VS Cmdlets

With Visual Studio 2012 dropping support for macros, what’s a developer who wants to do some simple automation of the IDE supposed to do? Download an SDK, write a VSIX, and have VS debugging VS possibly debugging something? Yeech. I converted all my macros to PowerShell so we can use the NuGet Package Manager Console for those simple extension.