Some (potential) readers have asked me to post the complete table of contents for my new Windows via C/C++ book. Here it is:


Part I Required Reading
1 Error Handling
2 Working with Characters and Strings
3 Kernel Objects

Part II Getting Work Done
4 Processes
5 Jobs
6 Thread Basics
7 Thread Scheduling, Priorities, and Affinities
8 Thread Synchronization in User Mode
9 Thread Synchronization with Kernel Objects
10 Synchronous and Asynchronous Device I/O
11 The Windows Thread Pool
12 Fibers

Part III Memory Management
13 Windows Memory Architecture
14 Exploring Virtual Memory
15 Using Virtual Memory in Your Own Applications
16 A Thread’s Stack
17 Memory-Mapped Files
18 Heaps

Part IV Dynamic-Link Libraries
19 DLL Basics
20 DLL Advanced Techniques
21 Thread-Local Storage
22 DLL Injection and API Hooking

Part V Structured Exception Handling
23 Termination Handlers
24 Exception Handlers and Software Exceptions
25 Unhandled Exceptions, Vectored Exception Handling, and C++ Exceptions
26 Error Reporting and Application Recovery


p align=”left”>Part VI Appendixes
A The Build Environment
B Message Crackers, Child Control Macros, and API Macros