Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 into every corner of the globe with more than 75 million devices running Windows 10 across 192 countries.  It’s next big push coming ostensibly as part of their October hardware announcement will be Windows 10 on phones, and with new hardware comes a feature called Continuum.  Continuum allows the latest Windows 10 phones to be docked to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and then treated like a desktop device.  Universal Windows Apps running on the phone will be able to detect the larger monitor and keyboard/mouse and adapt themselves accordingly.

Microsoft is leading this model with the build of their Office products for Windows Phone.  In this video you can see Joe Belfiore running Excel and Outlook in a desktop mode from his pre-release Windows 10 phone.  Leaks even show that Microsoft is building a new docking cable for it’s Lumia line of phones code-named Munchkin.  Acer also announced it’s Jade Primo Windows 10 phone at IFA 2015 that includes a dock.

But will this amazing new feature finally be enough to lure developers to a Windows Phone platform?  Would you develop applications for Windows Phone/Continuum?  Tell us what you think in our latest poll below.

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