Many Windows users woke up this morning to a new icon in their taskbar announcing the release date for Windows 10 along with how to register to get a free upgrade.  This is great news, but with current Technical Preview builds still having numerous reported defects could July 29th be too soon?

Microsoft’s blog post for the recent 10130 build included details of the new features that shipped with this build including Start Menu personalizations, new icons, improvements to the new Edge browser, and even a shiny new keyboard shortcut for Cortana.  But also noted in that announcement were several defects including issues with the Mail app crashing, Start Menu behaviors not behaving, and Wifi that drops more often than new tracks from Taylor Swift.  Many Insiders are also reporting trouble with the upgrade itself (including myself).

Microsoft isn’t new to Day 1 patches and it may be that Windows 10 will most likely follow in those well worn footsteps.  But without a Release Candidate build it’s hard to say when or even if we’re going to see a stable version before the fast approaching July 29th date.

So what do you think?  Will Microsoft get Windows 10 stable before the July 29th date or are will July 30th be the start of a frequent and painful patch cycle?  Hit the vote button below and let us know!

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