Scrib (Kenn Scribner, that is) and I have been in death march mode since late last week finalizing all the content that’s going to be used at ASP.NET AJAX (formerly known as “Atlas”) Beta launches in Barcelona and Las Vegas in coming weeks. We’re dotting the Is and crossing the Ts tonight in hopes of getting back to our normal lives tomorrow.

We have some killer content that I can’t wait for the public to see. We took the core of the Web site that we built this summer (with Burton’s permission, of course) and loaded it down with AJAX bells and whistles. We have ideas for more goodies to add later on.

Tomorrow I start another mini-death march preparing all my slides and samples for TechEd Barcelona, which I leave for next Thursday. I’m woefully behind on those because the ASP.NET AJAX beta was so late in coming out. Then it’s off to India and other corners of the globe to start spreading the ASP.NET AJAX gospel. Should be an interesting next few months.