Don’t you love it when your application works on one machine, but not the other? We were running into this exact issue with a client and needed to see what was different between the operating systems on two machines. Thinking that the issue might have been a problem that got fixed in a hotfix/service pack, I whipped up the following PowerShell commands to get you the OS updates. I thought I’d share mainly so I wouldn’t have to figure out how to write this again six months from now.

$updateSearcher = new-object -com “Microsoft.Update.Searcher”
$updateCount= $updateSearcher.GetTotalHistoryCount()
$updateSearcher.QueryHistory(0,$updateCount) | Sort-Object -Property Date | ForEach-Object { Write-Output $_.Date $_.Title }

 Edit: Sept. 10, 2010: Thanks for the comments, <blush>, I used the wrong variable name. All fixed now.