One of my good friends is in Iraq right now. He’s a member of the Tennessee Army National Guard’s 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment, which was deployed to Iraq late last year and will be there for at least one year. Through him, I learned about two members of the 278th who have no family back home and never receive care packages like the other soldiers. That just about broke my heart, so I’m putting together a couple of boxes of stuff to send them along with a letter thanking them for defending our country.

One of the items I’m sending them is an XBox. (Microsoft has donated XBoxes to some units in Iraq and they’ve been a big hit, as you can imagine.) I’ll also throw in a few games, but if you have any XBox games you’d like to donate, let me know. If you’ll send them to me, I’ll pay to ship them overseas. I’m told that the soliders also love DVDs from home, because the only English-language channel they get on TV is CNN and they find CNN’s coverage of the war inaccurate and demoralizing. If you have any DVDs you’d like to donate, send those, too.

If you’d like to donate XBox games, DVDs, or anything else you think these two soldiers would enjoy, e-mail me. orpffej spelled backwards is my user name, and wintellect-dot-com is the domain name. (I don’t want to write the e-mail address out because I don’t want to make it too easy for the spambots.) It would be really cool if we could get a small project going to surprise these guys with goodies from home. And no, they don’t have any idea that we’re doing this. Should be an awesome surprise.