Disney and Code.org have teamed up to create a special “Hour of Code” tutorial based on Disney’s hit movie “Frozen”!

Your kids can learn the basics or programming like loops, branches, and functions in this interactive tutorial while helping Frozen’s Elsa and Anna build beautiful snowflakes.  The tutorial uses visual representations of code structures and instructions to make learning basic coding concepts easier.frozentutorial

Celebrities and technologists, including Polyvore CEO Jess Lee, app developer and model Lyndsey Scott, Microsoft engineer Paola Mejia, and model Karlie Kloss (a beginner who’s learning to code herself), will provide short video lectures to guide students. The girl-power theme of the tutorial is a continuation of our efforts to expand diversity in computer science and broaden female participation in the field, starting with younger students.  — Code.org Tumblr Post

For more information, check out Code.org and if you’re ready to jump right into the Frozen fun then click here.