The 278th is still waiting for their XBox to arrive. It should arrive any day now. It seems packages take anywhere from two weeks to a month to make it to military personnel in Iraq.

Today I sent another package containing the DVDs you sent me, along with a few videos of my own and some purchased with money you sent. To maximize our purchasing power, I went to the local Hollywood video store and bought from the preowned rack. There were some terrific buys there, so the soldiers will have plenty of movies to choose from.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed DVDs, cash, or both. I’ll post an update when the items arrive and I hear back from the soldiers.

On an unrelated note, tonight I attended a presentation on Indigo given by Microsoft’s Doug Turnure to the Knoxville .NET user group. At one point during his talk, Doug said to the audience “You’re all developers. What is it that you produce?” I expected someone to say “code.” A guy in the back of the room raised his hand and said “bugs.”

Microsoft made the guy an offer on the spot. 🙂