I almost laughed til I cried at the beginning of this video. Then I sat back and watched in amazement at some of the stunts (some of which are real):


On a more serious note, TechEd is over and I’m back from Orlando. I wrote the final sample today for the ASP.NET 2.0 provider toolkit: a Web Parts personalization provider that stores Web Parts personalization data in text files. Personalization providers are among the easiest to write. The team really thought out the architecture well, letting the system do most of the hard stuff. I have some finishing touches to add to a couple of my samples, then another 10 pages or so of text to write followed by a good edit, and the draft is complete. I mentioned the toolkit at TechEd this week and it generated a lot of interest. I’m looking forward to seeing it published.

This weekend promises to be a memorable one if the weather cooperates. Saturday, the R/C club that I belong to is cohosting a warbird fly-in. Folks from all over will be bringing WWII models large and small to fly at the event. Then on Sunday, I’m driving to Chattanooga to fly my new jet for the first time. Chattanooga has a 600-foot paved runway with grass overruns on each end (as opposed to Knoxville’s 300-foot runway with lake and drop-offs on either end). I’ll have a much better chance at succeeding if I have plenty of room to take off and land. Plus, in an engine-out scenario, I’d rather be climbing a tree than fishing my jet out of the lake.

Details Monday.